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Series conclusion of A Mermaid in Middle Grade

A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 6: The Great Old One is now available for purchase. This is the final book in the Mermaid in Middle Grade series, and I'm definitely having mixed feelings about it ending. I am really proud of this series and excited to have it completed so that I can move on to other stories. At the same time, I have really grown to love Brynn Finley and her friends and thinking in ocean puns just comes naturally to me now, so I'm going to miss working on these books.

However, the ending of the series is pretty epic, if I do say so myself. Brynn and Phaedra the sea witch finally have the big confrontation that all the other books have been leading to, and I think fans of Lovecraft will especially appreciate the final book's nod to cthulu. Here's the book's summary:

A Magical Mermaid Fantasy Adventure for children ages 8-12 and all who love middle grade books!

Brynn Finley faces her most massive challenge yet as Phaedra prepares to unleash the Great Old One! Can a mermaid in middle grade stop a powerful and clever sea witch from taking over the ocean?

Phaedra has been in hiding, collecting everything she needs to punish the humans and rule the seas! Fortunately, Brynn and her mer friends are hot on her trail. Along the way, they'll confront a flurry of toxic jellyfish, confounding clouds of depressing magic muck, and an ancient legendary giant known as "Crabfoot." Brynn, Jade, Will, and Priscilla have sharpened their mer-magical abilities, but soon they realize they'll need help from seafolk and landfolk alike. Will the four friends unite merfolk, dagons, selkies, and humans in time to stop the Great Old One? Find out in the thrilling, fast-paced series conclusion! Educational topics: Empathy, kindness, learning from mistakes, confidence, cooperation, sacrifice, ocean and marine ecology, and environmental conservation.


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