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Review of A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 4: The Deep Sea Scrolls

Professional reviewer Mary Lanni completed a review of A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 4: The Deep Sea Scroll.

Mary said, "Written using short chapters and accessible language, this book is well suited to newer middle-grade readers. While there are no large illustrations, the plot is clear and the dialogue is recognizable, both of which help increase reading comprehension. On occasion, asides are placed within the story that speak directly to readers to either enhance a point or to define a potentially unfamiliar word. These moments increase the satisfaction readers feel as they may not need to ask for help to progress through this story.

Fans of the A Mermaid in Middle Grade series will learn the importance of teamwork and honesty along with Brynn in this fourth installment. Readers will empathize with Brynn even as they recognize where her behavior is likely to lead and will express enthusiastic support as she begins to resolve the problems she has created for herself. Middle grade readers who love wholesome stories about friendship and mermaids are sure to enjoy Brynn Finley’s many adventures."


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