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Books 1 - 3 Among These Bones

A post-apocalyptic 3 book boxset

Save money with the boxset, 3 books for the price of 2!

This post apocalyptic box set consists of the complete Among These Bones series and contains 3 books: Among These Bones, When It's No Longer Night, and Maybe We'll Remember. The novels details the survival of the female main character, Alison, following a world wide plague. 

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Book 1 - Among These Bones

A post-apocalyptic novel 

We almost died. All of us. The entire human race. And now we live in a world of darkness and high stakes.

Alison and her son Arie survived a global pandemic along with a remnant of humanity, but the annual cure that keeps them alive also steals their memories. The harsh rule of a shadowy governing organization known as The Agency is grim enough, but Alison's world is torn apart when Arie goes missing. Alison joins a team of resistance fighters to uncover the truth, but if she can't find Arie before she has to take the serum again, she won't remember she even has a son.

When It's No Longer Night - eBook small.
Book 2 - Among These Bones

In the second book of the Among These Bones series, Alison is a member of the Lotus project, an elite, utopian experiment supposedly comprising society's smartest and most orderly citizens. She has lost her memories, but when a friend from her rebellious past reminds Alison that she has a son, Arie, she is again overcome with the desire to be with him. Allison tells herself that if she can be reunited with Arie, her life in Lotus will be complete. But as the perfect order of Lotus begins to crumble and the Agency fights to remain in power, Alison must find a way not only to reach her son, but also to stand against oppression—even as the city burns.

Maybe We'll Remember - eBook small.jpg
Book 3 - Among These Bones

In the thrilling conclusion to the Among These Bones trilogy, Alison and Chase work to unravel the conspiracy theories that have haunted them for as long as they can remember. As Alison begins her final battle with the Agency to restore her memories and free those still imprisoned in the Zones, she must answer the question: How far will a mother go to save her son?

Book 1

A collection of short horror stories 

It’s the feeling that something isn’t quite right. The glance of a stranger that lingers too long. A coworker who appears out of nowhere. Creep Factor is thirteen deeply creepy short horror stories that explore the awkward, unnerving, and the terrifying. From backstabbing roommates to vicious pets, from murderous spirits to soul-wracking nightmares, Creep Factor covers the savagely weird to the merely ghastly.

Horror Anthology


A #1 Amazon Bestseller. A horror anthology featuring several best-selling and award-winning authors from around the globe, Descent into Darkness contains a variety of terrifying short stories and novellas. Murder and monsters. Demons and forces of evil. Ghosts and urban legends. Dive into the darkness with twenty tales of terror that will keep you awake long after the lights go out.


What keeps you awake at night?

A Collection of Utah Horror


Featuring Amanda Luzzader's short story, "The Day The Cats Went Missing," twelve apocalyptic horsemen of the Rocky Mountains have come together in this terrifying anthology of Utah Horror. After years of dystopian fiction, these twelve writers won the challenge to portray how the apocalypse would occur.

Questionable kittens, ritualistic killing, destroying angels, ancient gods seeking punishment, lawless renegades, practioners of the dark arts, and zombies will haunt every corner of your mind as you read these thrilling accounts of what could happen during the end of days in Utah.

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