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Cosette was born August 9, 2020, and was adopted by A.M. Luzzader on October 6, 2020.


A.M.'s sister, Melissa, said that there are bush cats and tree cats and that Cosette is definitely a tree cat. Cosette likes to climb everything. Her favorite spot in the house is on top of some storage shelves in A.M.'s office. Cosette likes to sleep there while A.M. writes, and she never interrupts A.M. while she is working.

Cosette loves to sleep and eat. She hates the smell of oranges. Her favorite toy is a fish on a string, and she'll gladly perform jumps and flips to get her fish. A.M. appreciates having Cosette around to keep her company while she works from home. 

In memory of Simon


Simon was born May 5, 2005, and was adopted by A.M. Luzzader in July of that year. For over 15 years, he inspired A.M.'s writing and helped her with brainstorming, decompressing, and daydreaming. 

Sadly, in July 2020, Simon went missing and has not been found. 

Simon was employed as a professional house cat. His hobbies included sitting on keyboards and open books; chasing lasers; cuddling; finding patches of sunshine to nap in; and eating. Always eating.


Simon was known particularly for his unique meow, which was once described by a visitor of resembling the sound of a duck dying. He wore a tuxedo every single day. Some called him the most interesting cat in the world. 

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