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Review of A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 5: The Golden Trident

Professional reviewer Mary Lanni has reviewed all six books of A Mermaid in Middle Grade. Below is her video review of Book 5: The Golden Trident, and I'll be sharing her review of Book 6 soon.

In her written review on Goodreads (, Mary said,

"Short chapters and an action-focused storyline keep the pages turning in this delightful book. Mid-level middle grade readers will appreciate this stepping stone as they become more comfortable reading independently, and they will learn important lessons along the way. Though Brynn sometimes goes over the top in her behaviors and the mistakes she makes, these dramatic moments embed themselves in readers’ minds. After all, stories are meant to help readers see familiar human situations in a new light, and Brynn’s adventures aid middle grade readers in managing similar challenges in their own lives.

This prolific series is a highly recommended and enjoyable escape for middle grade readers who love mermaids, friendship, conservation, and building a better world for all."


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