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Coco Adventure Book Reviews Hannah Saves the World

Amy from Coco Adventure Books read and reviewed Hannah Saves the World with her daughter.

You can read the full review and see some cute pictures she took on her Instagram account here:

Amy said, "Now, you know a book is good when miss 7 hands me this first book to read on the couch 🛋 while she dives straight into the sequel. And proceeds to point out all the other books by the author that are printed on the last few pages. Well played, marketing ploy, well played. 😝👏🏻

The quirky Hannah and her bestie are delightfully unpredictable as they bounce around their home town saving the 🌍. It’s a mix of a tween friendship tale - sans mean girls - some sleuthing, and an intergalactic invasion!"

Thanks for the great review!


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