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Book Dedications

I love that as an author I get to dedicate my books people who make a difference in my life. Here are some of the people I have been honored to dedicate my books to.

A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 1: The Talisman of Lostland was dedicated to my mom, Barbra. In the summer, when I was a child, my mom would hold writing contests with my sisters and me and give us prizes for our writing. I think that's where my love of writing first began!

A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 2 was dedicated to my darling niece Olivia, a true lover of mermaids and stories and who even at a young age has a brilliant wit and beauty about her.

Hannah Saves the World Book 1 was dedicated to my sister Melissa who works as a school counselor and cares about her students so much and works so hard , that to me she was the perfect fit to dedicate a book about saving the world.

A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 3 was dedicated in memory of my cat Simon, who for many years was my writing companion and muse. I had Simon for 15 years before I lost him and it was a great sorrow in my life.

A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 4 was dedicated to my grandmother Liz who was very influential in my childhood and helped develop my love of reading. Sadly, my grandmother passed away in April 2021 before I was able to give her a copy of the book.

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