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A paperback signed edition.


Hannah Saves the World Book 1

Lexile score: 840L

Recommended for ages 8-12

"It's a mix of a tween friendship tale - without mean girls - some sleuthing, and an intergalactic invasion! Technique wise, I enjoy the play on language with palindromes and alliterative tasters, as well as the parallel stories by our schoolyard detective and the (rather hopeless) alien holiday makers! It's particularly clever the way the alien is aware of Hannah, but Hannah is oblivious to the alien. Confident emerging readers through to tweens will enjoy this!" -- Amy D. Love, Coco Adventure Books

Hannah’s got a funny feeling that it’s up to her to save the entire world, but before she can do so, she and her skeptical best friend Mia have to figure out what they’re saving the world from! As the girls’ detective work proceeds, they uncover a chain of clues that might unravel the children’s mystery of the vandalized town playground, but what about the massive space cruiser parked high in the stratosphere, and the aliens inside who are laying plans to invade Earth? Can a pair of middle-school detectives really save the world? Find out in this funny book for tweens!

Hannah Saves the World Book 1

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