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A paperback signed edition.


Arthur Blackwood's Scary Stories

for Kids Who Like Scary Stories: Book 2


Recommended for ages 8-12

I am Arthur Blackwood and I invite you to read this dark series of horror stories for kids. But wait! Don’t accept my invitation yet. Are you easily frightened? This collection of scary stories is not for wimpy kids or the faint-hearted. You’ve been warned! However, if you crave classic tales of terror about monsters, demons, ghosts, and haunted places, then step right this way. These books are for you.

Beware! In this volume, you’ll read of an ancient force of nature from the frigid north, a haunted house with a maddening secret, a battlefield phantom who has lost his way, evil creatures from the ocean floor, and a forest beast lurking among the crooked lanes and narrow alleys of Brooklyn, New York. One more word of advice: gather up all the spine tingles, goosebumps, cold blood, and stifled screams you can find. You’re going to need them.

Arthur Blackwood's Scary Stories Book 2

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