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A paperback signed edition.


Hannah Saves the World Book 2

Lexile score: 830L

Recommended for ages 8-12


"This was an awesome book, and I'd definitely recommend it. You don't have to read the first book in the series to understated the plotline." --Amazon Review

Kid detectives Hannah and Mia delve into a new mystery! Mr. Meowgi, the most massive cat in all of Cardwick City, has gone missing. Everyone else thinks he ran away, but Hannah’s got a different theory. Hannah and her sidekick, Mia, crisscross the town in search of clues and evidence, but little do they know that just around the corner, a misguided but highly intelligent robot is secretly drawing up plans to deactivate the sun! Can middle school detectives Hannah and Mia find Mr. Meowgi and save the world? Again? Find out in this funny book for tweens!

Hannah Saves the World Book 2

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