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Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid? Have you ever dreamed of living your whole life beneath the blue ocean waves? Then sign up for the Mermaid Club! In this new undersea club, mermaid friends Chloe, Emma, and Ava have amazing adventures, make friends, and help to make the ocean a better place.

It's Emma the mermaid's first day in Mermaid Club. She’s very excited about it! There will be meetings and activities and fun! However, Emma is nervous about inviting others to join and talking to mer-kids she doesn’t know. When the very first club activity goes wrong, can Emma find a way to help, even though she’s shy? Find out in this fun mermaid adventure for kids!

This Mermaid Girls Chapter Book is part of an illustrated fantasy adventure collection of chapter books. The books are recommended for kids 6 through 10, and they can be read in any order.

Emma and the Mermaid Club

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