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His name is Decker. Sam Decker. He’s a nine-year-old boy who loves playing video games. But he’s not like all the other kids you know who love video games. Sam Decker is a game-runner. He rescues kids who have been sucked into video games. All over the world, boys and girls are getting mysteriously transported into their video games. Nobody’s sure why, but Sam Decker and his sister, Miley, help them escape.

In The Case of the Maximum-Attack Zombies, Decker and Miley team up for a rescue deep in zombie country. But can they complete their mission if the kid they’re looking for is asleep? And what if Miley’s cell phone stops working in the middle of a zombie battle? Find out in this exciting and funny chapter book for kids!

Decker's Video Game Rescue Agency: The Case of the Maximum-Attack Zombies

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