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A paperback signed edition.


A Mermaid in Middle Grade

Book 4 - The Deep Sea Scroll

Lexile score: 820L

Recommended for ages 8-12

"Middle grade readers who love wholesome stories about friendship and mermaids are sure to enjoy Brynn Finley’s many adventures." -- Amazon Review

The sea witch is up to mischief again, but Brynn is so busy she feels like she is chasing her own tail. Can she juggle all her responsibilities without falling behind? 

Brynn Finley is the star of the Starfish Steppers, the grooviest mer-dance squad in the sea. Brynn is excited for a new dance season and a chance to blow the competition out of the water, but this year it's tougher than she thought. And there's another problem--Brynn's grades at school are slipping. She has too much to do and too little time. As Brynn races wearily from school to rehearsal and back home again, she comes up with a plan to catch up--a very bad plan. Will Brynn really team up with Phaedra the sea witch or will she learn her lesson?

A Mermaid in Middle Grade Book 4

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