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A paperback signed edition.


Bailey: A Magic School for Girls Chapter Book

Lexile score: 780L

Recommended for ages 6-9

"My 8 and 9 year old daughters love this book and the two other books that are in the series. I would definitely buy more copies for family and friends for birthdays. This author has a few other books my kids love, too." -- Amazon Review

Bailey, Julie, and Kate are super excited! The three friends have turned eight years old, which means they can finally go to Miss Annie’s Magic School, where they’ll learn to fly on brooms, cast magic spells, and learn important lessons as they study to become witches.

But Miss Annie’s School isn’t always easy. Bailey is worried that her classmates think she’s the teacher’s pet. When she gets teased on the playground, Bailey stops raising her hand in class and she doesn’t find Miss Annie’s School very much fun. Can Bailey face her problems, ignore the teasing, and be herself? Read all about it in this fun and magical book for kids aged 6-8.

The Magic School for Girls Chapter Books are a set of related beginning readers stories that can be read in any order.

A Magic School for Girls - Bailey

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